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Hi, my name is Karin and I have been grooming dogs for many years, qualifying at Plumpton College.

I decided to become a dog groomer as I absolutely adore ALL dogs, whatever their size or breed!
When you bring your dog to me, you can rest, assured that your pet will be in a happy and friendly environment and that you will be leaving your dog in my safe hands, delivering an experienced and caring service........ Lots of love, cuddles and praise are happily given free of charge! Your pet's safety, happiness and comfort are most important to me, so I like to book each dog in one at a time to ensure that your dog has my full attention. 
I have a variety of lovely smelling shampoos that will leave your pet smelling and feeling refreshed, happy, clean and hygienic.

Your dog will never be left unattended or put in a cage dryer. Some groomers use cage dryers, but personally, I don't like them.

I would advise that you walk your dog prior to his/her appointment so that he/she is not in any discomfort while being groomed, but of course will be relieved if needed! It is also a good idea not to feed your dog too big a meal before grooming, as lifting and carrying could make them nauseous.

I also find from experience that it is better not to try and collect your dog before his/her grooming process is finished as your dog will get too excited and make finishing grooming difficult and possibly dangerous! I know some of you will be worried about leaving your pet if they seem nervous, but, I promise you they do calm down once you have gone and they are in my capable hands.

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